Wednesday, June 29, 2005

no progress

Instead of writing for my thesis, I travelled to the congress CARS in Berlin and was at the booth representing Force Dimension.
This weekend I'm going to the OpenAir St.Gallen, so again no time for my thesis - hope I'll have time next week...
I should present a first part during July to my professor...hope that works...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

corporate blogging

For me to remember and for you to see: Here are some interesting links for corporate blogging.
First of all: A list of CEO's who are actively blog (there are also 4 from CH!)
Then there's a quite funny event in Frankfurt: An Open Air Blogging Party
I also like the list of Business blogs from this page
Then there are two more pages to mention. First the PR-Blogger-page from Klaus Eck and then also the well-known page from Fredrick Waka.
Then there's also one pdf to recommend: beginners' guide to corporate blogging
The best research in direction of corporate blogging still have the databases from the universities of SG and ZH, but unfortunately you have to study in Switzerland for that... ;-))

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blogs als Marketinginstrument

Jep I got it! Blogs as a marketing instrument is my topic for my thesis. Now I'm standing at the start of a looong summer in front of the computer.
I do not have a time schedule given by the departement so I can write as long as I want. I'll try to finish it anyway in about 5 months - so I still have some time to travel (Helsinki and Lissabon are planned - Africa most probably has to wait until next year)...
I'm very motivated right now and think that my topic is very interesting! I had to convince my Prof a bit, but I think he was not very up to date with blogs - will start writing next Tuesday...Monday working and hoping that I find more interested people in haptics - quite a small area of interest and hard to pick out the interested people - think that the robotics-sector from Japan could be a hot sector - have to try that out...

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Strange to think to have done something but at the end you've done nothing at all. Addiction can give you a feeling of wanting a lot, doing it and at the end you feel empty anyway. Wired feeling... I don't think I'm really badly addicted to gaming, but when I start a game I cannot stop anymore. So this weekend I wasted my time playing civilization instead of doing something for my diploma work...will do more tomorrow...

Hop o'my thumb

Great a'capella band!! Nice evening with great people and a super atmosphere! A pity it was so short! I really have to meet more people in my old home-town...I miss the feeling of having someone at all times at my side...Meeting friends and going out substitutes this feeling a bit...

Almost forgot that I have a meeting with my prof next Thursday which is very important for my diploma work...I'll find out then if I can take this topic or not...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

After business

Just came back from my business travel (my first with Force Dimension through some cities in Germany. Was interesting! Think I found a real good job during my last part of my studies...I'm almost definitely sure to write my diploma about blogs and marketing - if anybody out there knows anything (if there's anybody at all who is reading this blog).
A beautiful day...hope it'll stay like this for the next days...

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