Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thesis about Corporate Blogging finished

Finally, I finished my thesis about Corporate Blogging!! - No posts during the previous weeks because of last-minute-stress to bring it to an end...

I still have some things I'd like to improve and there are many more sources to consider. The field is so active at the moment that there are new articles or studies every week...
I had to stop reading my Bloglines-Blogs beginning of November to concentrate on the sources I had - no considerations of any sources after this date...

Zerfass & Bölter's Meinungsmacher-book helped me a lot bringing my thoughts in order at the end (and also seeing in which directions I could have written more in my thesis). The whole aspect of trust in the online-communication was not considered, even though I wrote (together with others) a semester work about it lately. Also the more macro-view on social software and the whole discussion about Web 2.0 was not considered, even though very interesting! Still, these aspects should be taken into consideration in a study about the blogosphere in general and not in a thesis about blogging for companies.

I'll show some results of the online-survey on this page within the next days - the thesis will be sent out to the people who were interested after the review of my prof.


Anonymous Matthias said...

Congratulations! I remember reading about your survey in the invisible blog, but never connected it to this site :-).

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Pål said...

Hey Roger, I've been following your postings and would be happy to read your thesis when you are ready to share it with the world :-)

mail: blog at heick dot nu

9:57 am  

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