Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Finally...the diploma

Already a year has passed since I finished my thesis about 'Corporate Blogging'. I didn't get any response since then. Finally, I got my diploma at the beginning of December '06 from the University of Zurich - also included was a grade for this paper...I got a 5.5. I didn't expect such a good one ;)
I still think there would be much more to do in the paper in its current version. Today, I would include much more about Web 2.0, would change some of my questions in the practical part and would also try to get a better picture about the people who participated.
A very interesting research topic would also be to investigate the role of political blogs in campaigns around the world.

I'd be pleased to have some critics from you! Hope the paper helps to some who are writing about similar topics (I still get some feedback or questions from time to time to my blog or to corporate blogging in general - I'm always glad to help!).

You can download the paper HERE (it's in german)
Update 040107: Unfortunately there's an hourly download limit on this page. I could also email it to you if you'd be interested.
Update 230311: Updated the link again after some complaints... :)
Update 240912: The link doesn't seem to work anymore - ask me if you'd like my master thesis...

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