Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blogs als Marketinginstrument

Jep I got it! Blogs as a marketing instrument is my topic for my thesis. Now I'm standing at the start of a looong summer in front of the computer.
I do not have a time schedule given by the departement so I can write as long as I want. I'll try to finish it anyway in about 5 months - so I still have some time to travel (Helsinki and Lissabon are planned - Africa most probably has to wait until next year)...
I'm very motivated right now and think that my topic is very interesting! I had to convince my Prof a bit, but I think he was not very up to date with blogs - will start writing next Tuesday...Monday working and hoping that I find more interested people in haptics - quite a small area of interest and hard to pick out the interested people - think that the robotics-sector from Japan could be a hot sector - have to try that out...


Anonymous nchenga said...

that sounds exciting... I would be interested in reading your results.

Did you blog before you started this thesis?

7:22 pm  

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