Sunday, September 25, 2005

More participants & some papers

...still sending out emails hoping for more participants for the survey... At least the response rate seems to be much higher than with sending out letters or with other kind of market research...

Just got this White Paper from Jürg Stuker from Namics a few days ago - a bit short, but interesting!

I also almost finished reading James Torio's Master thesis about blogging. Interesting is also the email exchange between him and gapingvoid.
First impression - I do have to admit - is not that good for a Master Thesis...especially the unclear sources for the literature and the sometimes needless digressions into topics which have nothing to do with what he wants to find out - by the way: It's also not really clear WHAT exactly he wants to find out - there are no theses given in the paper...- I could add some more things like the excessive use of pictures or the sometimes wired sources in his bibliography - but, hei, I first have to do something better! Always easy to criticise...


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