Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Survey on Rogator

I finally finished my survey on Rogator at the following adress: SURVEY and I'm searching now for participants.
Every day I write some emails to blogs which I think could be interesting and interested in this kind of surveys.

The survey only has 10 questions and it takes about 5min to fill it out.

By the way, I put together some interesting articles about corporate blogging together with some links for the company I'm working for (Nice Ventures) - probably something interesting as an overview for you as well:

Fredrick Wacka, Communications Adviser and Blogger, Sweden
Beginners' Guide to Corporate Blogging
A short introduction in the external usage of weblogs for companies.

John Cass, Backbonemedia, Inc., USA
Corporate Blogging: Is It Worth The Hype?
In-depth interviews and a survey with more than 70 bloggers from the corporate blogging world.

Susan Herring, Indiana University, USA
Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs
Overview of the 'blogosphere' with a survey and a categorization on weblogs

George Dafermos, Company Consultant and Blogger, USA
Blogging the Market. How Weblogs are turning Corporate Machines into real Conversations
Current impact and spectrum of possible applications of weblogs in companies.

Claudia Jüch/Antje Stobbe, Deutsche Bank Research, Germany
Blogs: ein neues Zaubermittel der Unternehmenskommunikation?
Recommendations for companies who think about the implementation of internal or external corporate weblogs.

Martin White, Managing Director Intranet Focus Ltd., UK
Intranets - moving from information to knowledge. The role of blogs and wikis.
Discussion of the usage of weblogs as a support tool of internal knowledge management systems.

Vanda Lehel/Florian Matthes, TU München, Germany
Weblogs als ein innovatives Instrument des betrieblichen Wissensmanagements
Weblogs as a tool for the support of the internal knowledge management of organizations

Lee Rainie, PEW Internet & American Life Project, USA
The State of Blogging
Actual survey about the blog use and blog readership in the USA

Christian Wagner, City University of Hong Kong
Supporting Knowledge Management in Organizations with Conversational Technologies: Discussion Forums, Weblogs and Wikis
Comparison of several web technologies as a tool for the internal knowledge management.

Benno Häfliger, youngculture AG, Switzerland
General overview of business weblogs and their application area for companies

Marion Richter, Proximity GmbH, Germany
Corporate Blogging. Chancen für den Dialog.
Interviews with some of the biggest companies in Germany and Switzerland and a huge survey of internet users in Germany about Corporate Blogging

Rick Murray, Edelmann/Intelliseek, USA
Trust 'Media'. How Real People Are Finally Being Heard
Overview and guide for marketers & company stakeholders for corporate blogging

Ansgar Zerfass,
Meinungsmacher im Internet. Weblogs und Peer-to-Peer-Dienste als Herausforderungen für die PR
Challenges and applications for the corporate communication with weblogs

Some interesting examples for corporate blogging in Europe
Information and examples for business blogs

List of CEO's who blog
Guide to Corporate Blogging

Information about corporate blogging with many links
Exploration of new technologies and their influence on marketing, media and pr
German blog about weblogs and their connection to marketing

...see the blogrolls of these blogs for more inspiration...
Update: found some dead-links. Added the links on the left side of the webpage now...


Anonymous David Burn said...

Did you see this Candian gentleman's Master's Thesis on blogging, that Hugh MacLeod pointed to?

2:51 pm  
Blogger Roger Signer said...

Hei David, Didn't see it yet - sounds very interesting - thanks!

5:48 pm  

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