Saturday, July 09, 2005


Always the same place in the same university. Even though I know that there are better places to sit, I'm just a creature of habit and steer directly to the place I was last time...wired...I thought the only certain thing in life would be the changing...seems like I broke this rule - another uncertainty...

Found someone in Austria who's having the same idea as me. Uff, yet another one - According to the statistics and also to the stuff you find on the internet, there are not many people out there in Europe who are interested in writing scientific articles about blogging. But I think with the increasing interest of the media, scientific articles will grow as well (Most recent article about blogging on the NZZ Folio).
Interesting links they have on the NZZ-page: I like this discussion - seriousness meets fun: corporate- vs. personal blogging.

KYES and a good weekend!


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