Monday, July 04, 2005


In the university again searching for good blog-articles/books, I found this recently added survey with more than 30'000 bloggers participating. Very interesting due to its different results in comparison to earlier studies (75% of blog readers are over 30 years old, 43% have incomes over $90,000, over 90% of readers read less than 15 blogs daily, only 8% were computer professionals, 72% have never read blogs via RSS ->discussion).
By the way, the best marketing-blogs are evaluated by marketingsherpa these days - worth a visit!
The Proximity-survey is also to mention - a good overview of the market situation in Germany.
Then the controversely discussed Berlecon-survey - in my opinion one of the best surveys available right now about marketing and blogs (Obwohl viel zu teuer und somit effektiv hauptsächlich ausgerichtet auf "dumme Marketing-, PR- und Werbeabteilungen, die unter dem dauernden Druck stehen, der Geschäftsführung neue, geile, marktpenetrative Ideen zu präsentieren" -> discussion)


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